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Educational Resources

FunBrain is loaded with a variety of educational games for elementary aged children.

CNN Student News provides educational news clips for teens that will keep them updated on current events.

Fisher-Price is a great resource for parents of babies and toddlers. It provides free games, activities, apps, videos, and tips on early childhood development. It also has a variety of products, which have been reviewed, that are available for purchase online and in store. contains an assortment of documents, games, and videos on various subjects for children in elementary and middle school.

Ben’s Guide has documents and games for ages 4-18 that provide information about the U.S. Government.

Kids in the House is an excellent source of information for kids and teens about the U.S. House of Representatives.

H.I.P. Pocket Change contains information for children on the history of U.S. currency.

Treasury Direct Kids explains to children using games, videos, and documents the importance of the Bureau of the Fiscal Service.

CDC provides useful information on adolescent and school health.

BAM! Body and Mind includes information and games for children that teaches them about their body and mind.

America’s Story was created by the Library of Congress for children to educate them about America’s past. is another website created by the Library of Congress for children, teens, and adults. It provides free reading resources to help people develop a love for books.

Smithsonian Education is a place for children to explore, discover, and learn information on different topics.

National Archives contains documents, photos, and records of our nation’s history for students to explore. This site is an excellent resource for history projects.

FBI-Fun and Games helps kids and teens learn about the FBI through games, tips, and interactive features. This website is perfect for those who are interested in a future career with the FBI.

Bureau of Labor Statistics is a website that provides students with information on possible careers based on their current interests. It also keeps updated information on careers based on the current economy. has tons of information for females about growing up.

Boys and Puberty answers several questions boys may have about growing up.

Young Men’s Health provides up-to-date health information for teen guys and young men.






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