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Interlibrary Loan Borrower

Interlibrary Loan Borrowing Policy


Interlibrary loan is a service offered to Switzerland County Public Library cardholders which provides access to the resources of many libraries across the United States. Interlibrary loan services are a means of greatly expanding the range of library materials available to customers without allocating large sums of limited book funds for seldom requested items. Interlibrary loan materials are those items for which the customer has a particular need for a limited time, as most borrowing time extended by lending libraries is usually short. All materials are borrowed in the most readily available edition and format. The library affirms that interlibrary loan is an adjunct to, not a substitute for, the library’s collection.  Patrons should exhaust local resources first, including the Switzerland County Public Library’s collection and those of Evergreen Indiana, before requesting items on interlibrary loan. Items in frequent or recurring demand will be considered for purchase.


What May Be Borrowed

Most books, DVDs, specific articles from periodicals, government documents, pamphlets, dissertations.


What May Not Be Borrowed

Best sellers, books released in the last 6 months, titles which the Switzerland County Public Library owns or has ordered but are not currently on the shelves, genealogy books.


Who May Use Interlibrary Loan

Any Switzerland County Public Library cardholder in good standing and at least 16 years of age may make an interlibrary loan request. PLAC card borrowers or Evergreen account holders who have a home library other than SCPL must request interlibrary loans from their home libraries.


How To Make An Interlibrary Loan Request

Patrons may request interlibrary loan items at the Circulation Desk. Patrons must present a valid Switzerland County Public Library card when making interlibrary loan requests. The patron must have no outstanding fees or overdue items. The following information is necessary to process the request: patron’s name, address and telephone number. As much of the following information as possible is also needed; Books-author and title; Periodicals-periodical title, volume number, date, page numbers, author and title of article.


Waiting Time For Materials

It usually takes 2-3 weeks for an interlibrary loan request to be processed and received. Patrons will be notified when the item has arrived.


Interlibrary Loan Cost To The Patron

Interlibrary loan is offered to customers at no charge. Patrons may have up to three active interlibrary loan requests at any one time.



Length of borrowing time is generally two weeks. Interlibrary loan materials cannot be renewed.


Overdue, Lost Or Damaged Items

Patrons will be charged $.25 per item per day for late interlibrary loan items. Items more than two weeks overdue are considered lost. Interlibrary loan items are unconditionally the property of the lending library. Each item is carefully inspected when it is received from the lending library to determine its condition. Patrons will be charged for items they damage or lose as assessed by the lending library.



Revised August 10th, 2021.

Revised July 15th, 2022.

Revised July 11th, 2023.


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