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Homework Sites

Spark Notes is a website for teens and college students that provides study guides on just about any homework topic. It is a great tool to use if you are having trouble comprehending classic literature. It also contains a variety of news articles to browse through.

Homework Helper is a website that provides homework help to all grade levels. Additionally this website provides several different links for free homework help. This is also a great resource for college bound students wanting to know more about scholarships and grants. is a website for teens who are struggling with math. It provides lessons, worksheets, and an Equation Calculator that breaks down a topic and shows step by step how to come up with the solution.

Homework Hotline offers free math and science tutoring that is managed by Rose-Hulman college students. There are tutors available online, and by phone, from 7 pm-10 pm Sunday through Thursday. If you prefer to contact them over the phone the number is 877-ASK-ROSE.


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