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April 2022 Minutes

Switzerland County Public Library

Board Meeting Minutes

April 12th, 2022

The regular monthly meeting of the Switzerland County Public Library Board of Trustees was held Tuesday, April 12th, 2022 at 3:35 pm in the meeting room of the library. Attending were Mary Jane Rogers, Sharon Deck, Diane Sigmon, Stacy Streett, Heather Peelman and Emily Fox. Not attending were Michelle Hicks, Diana Barry, and Debbie Margison.

Streett made a motion to approve the minutes of the previous board meeting, seconded by Sigmon and passed unanimously. Reports of library activity and technology activity were shared. Circulation and program numbers as daylight hours are increasing. Adult Services Coordinator Samantha Minch has begun having a Dungeons and Dragons group at the American Legion and it has a steady number of attendees. Youth Services Coordinator Heather Peelman reported summer reading plans are underway and she has booked two performers and turned in a grant application to the Vevay-Switzerland County Foundation. She asked Streett who correspondence should be sent to and she said Pam Acton is interim director and that the group meets at the end of April. Fox also reported security cameras have been installed using the Community Foundation grant.

Bills and claims were presented. Deck made a motion to approve the claims, seconded by Rogers and passed unanimously.

Time for Public Comments


Old Business

Fox reported that K2M Design is still in the process of finalizing the outdoor learning lab design based on feedback given by herself and Peelman. They are also still waiting to receive cost estimates. Once the amounts are received, the board will need to decide on the scope of the project to be completed this year and set an estimated budget. Previously, approximately $50,000 was estimated for the project between grants and Rainy Day funds. Fox said that when she talked to Carrie Colvin from K2M about next steps that Colvin suggested she consult with a law firm like Ice Miller before beginning the project. Discussion was held on the pros and cons. Consensus would be to ask Hicks, since she is an attorney, but to try to spend as much money as possible on the actual construction.

Deck asked if the building would be pressure washed along the front and sides during the construction and Fox said that yes, it was already a concern brought up with the architects. It will be done soon. Fox also reported she has received insurance information from Jason McCreary for lawn maintenance and was unsure of when he would begin mowing, but she was in contact with him and it should be soon. Rain and cold weather has likely made it hard.

New Business

The Capital Assets Policy was reviewed. Fox added language and a chart to address depreciation due to recent changes to the Annual Financial Report. Rogers asked if the depreciation schedule was standardized and Fox said no, but it would be easier if it was. Currently, the only requirement is that the depreciation estimates be “reasonable.”

The Purchase Policy was reviewed with no changes.

With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:57 p.m.

Minutes recorded by Emily Fox.


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