Fostering a culture of reading and thought by serving Switzerland County’s information, life-long learning and leisure pursuits.

2018-2020 SCPL Strategic Plan

Switzerland County Public Library

Strategic Plan

January 2018-December 2020

 Adopted by the Switzerland County Public Library Board of Trustees December 12, 2017.


In order to support the mission of the Switzerland County Public Library, it is necessary to keep up with the increased demand to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date resources in a variety of formats which meet the needs and expectations of the community. Services should be available in the best possible environment, and staff should be well trained and knowledgeable in order to provide the best possible service to patrons. From January-July of 2017, community members were asked to complete a survey about library services. The survey was available in the library and at events held throughout the community. Some respondents were interviewed for more details about their responses. The Board of Trustees and staff reviewed and discussed survey results.

Our Mission

The Switzerland County Public Library will foster a culture of reading and thought by serving Switzerland County’s information, life-long learning and leisure pursuits.

Our Values


We inspire our community by offering the most up-to-date materials, fresh and unique programming and state of the art technology; continually encouraging patrons to make new discoveries throughout their lives by bringing excitement to learning to help them excel.

Service Oriented

We delight in meeting or exceeding patron expectations by providing friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and prompt service, showing respect and valuing all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences and ideas.

Welcoming Atmosphere

We enrich our community by providing a well-maintained, comfortable and safe multi-use facility, where residents can meet, share ideas and be educated, entertained and informed.


We value our staff members and strive to provide a workplace where enthusiasm, teamwork, innovation, accountability and a sense of purpose combine to provide a rewarding experience for both employees and patrons.


We are committed to being a fiscally responsible public institution, consistently seeking the most cost-effective uses of both public and private funds.

Statement of Community Needs and Goals

A survey of community members was conducted January-July of 2017 to determine what the residents of Switzerland County thought about the services the library provides and what they would like to see the library provide. Respondents were also interviewed to obtain more detailed information.

The following items were consistently listed as strengths:

  • A friendly and helpful staff
  • A clean and well-maintained building with good accessibility
  • A variety of programs offered for all ages
  • An up to date and diverse collection

The following items were identified as needs and goals:

  • A quiet place to read and/or study
  • More programs for older adults
  • Training so that all staff can assist with technology and local history needs
  • Updated computers for children


Goal 1: Provide a quiet place for reading and study.

Goal 2: Serve the growing population of adults over 50 by providing programs to address their interests.

Goal 3: All staff will be trained to assist patrons in all areas of the library.

Goal 4: Computers in the children’s area will be replaced with iPads.

Assessment of facilities, services, technology, and operations

SCPL is located in the town of Vevay, and its service area is Switzerland County. There are no branches, nor is there a bookmobile. For some residents, the library is 25 miles from their homes. There are few retail establishments in Vevay, and the majority of people drive to the neighboring towns of Madison or Aurora to shop at a Wal-Mart or Kroger. Approximately 25% of eligible residents hold a library card. There are over 22,000 items in the physical collection and patrons have access to over 40,000 downloadable books, audios and videos through the eIndiana Overdrive Consortium. Circulation for 2016 was approximately 43,000. The physical collection includes books, DVDs, audio books, newspapers, and magazines. Patrons can access INSPIRE which offers a variety of free databases to all Indiana residents.

SCPL has a staff of nine, three of whom are full-time. The director has an MLIS and a Librarian 1 certificate. She is the only degreed librarian employed by SCPL. The other full-time employees are an Adult Services Coordinator and a Youth Services Coordinator. A Local Historian is employed part-time to manage genealogy resources and inquiries. The remaining employees are circulation clerks, pages, and a janitor. Cataloging duties are shared between the Director, Adult Services Coordinator, and Youth Services Coordinator and as the library is relatively small there are many shared responsibilities among staff. SCPL is funded through property taxes and receives $5000 annually from Switzerland County’s riverboat casino revenue. The library’s annual operating budget is approximately $300,000.

Regular services offered by SCPL include a weekly Story Hour for toddlers and preschoolers, a Summer Reading Program for youth and adults, and outreach services to the Town of Patriot, Switzerland County Schools, Head Start, and local day cares. There are six computers in the library for public use. These provide Internet access as well as Microsoft Office software. Internet access is through the ENA consortium with fiber at 25 MBps. Printer, copier, scanner, and fax services are provided to the public and there is a charge for these. Wireless Internet connection is available during library hours. SCPL is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.; Friday and Saturday 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Originally housed in a Carnegie building, in 1992 SCPL moved into a newly built 7500 square foot facility. The building has one floor and includes one large room with adult and teen resources, the circulation desk, and all public access computers. There are separate rooms for local history/genealogy and children’s resources as well as a meeting room which holds approximately forty and is available for public use during library hours. The majority of library programs take place in the meeting room. SCPL is a Learning Center for the Ivy Tech College Cooperative and there are five computers in the meeting room for use by postsecondary distance education students. These computers are used by staff to conduct in-service training and computer workshops for the public.

Each year, SCPL offers adult programs such as craft classes, computer workshops, and informational and cultural programs. In April 2009, SCPL migrated from the ILS Polaris to the open source ILS Evergreen Indiana (EI). This move has increased resources and borrowing opportunities for patrons. A statewide delivery system transports items twice a week for a fee to SCPL which is subsidized in part by the Indiana State Library.

Measurable Objectives and Service Responses

Goal 1: Provide a quiet place for reading and study.


  • A dedicated space will be available for patrons who wish to read, study, or use a computer without noise from the main area of the library
  • On a subsequent survey of patrons, a need for a quiet area will not be identified as a need by more than 5% of respondents



  • Staff and board members will look at existing space and determine what can be repurposed as a quiet area for study
  • Plans for repurposing the space will be made by staff and board with the assistance of a contractor if needed; if not feasible, a plan for setting aside times in the meeting room will be implemented
  • The area will be set aside as a quiet space after any necessary modifications are made


Goal 2: Serve the growing population of adults over 50 by providing programs to address their interests.



  • 3 programs per year will be aimed at adults ages 50 and over
  • 75% of patrons surveyed after attending said programs will rate them as “above average”


  • Adults over 50 will be surveyed to determine programming needs
  • Staff will collaborate with Purdue Extension, the YMCA, the Historical Society and Purdue Extension to provide programming for older adults
  • Staff will plan and implement programs for older adults to be held at least 3 times per year
  • Attendees will be surveyed to determine future programming wants and needs

Goal 3: All staff will be trained to assist patrons in all areas of the library.


  • All staff will be competent in the use of Evergreen Indiana
  • All staff will be competent in the use of resources in the local history room
  • All staff will be able to assist patrons with basic functions on the public computers including Internet searching, Office programs, printing, saving files, and emailing attachments
  • All staff will be able to use the scanner to scan and save or print documents for patrons


  • Update the list of staff competencies to reflect current technology and patron services
  • Identify areas of training needed for each staff member
  • Create a plan for each staff member to receive training needed to meet the necessary level of competency
  • Train staff either with other staff, at face to face training offsite or through webinars

Goal 4: Computers in the children’s area will be replaced with iPads.



  • Children ages 10 and under will have computers with educational and entertaining games for use when parents prefer they not be on Internet accessible computers


  • Children under age 10 will have access to apps and games which promote early literacy


  • The youth services librarian will find appropriate games and apps for the iPads and will install them
  • The iPads will be configured so that purchases cannot be made and the Internet cannot be accessed outside of the apps and games
  • Mounting stations will be purchased to secure the iPads and they will be mounted for use
  • Staff will receive training on using the iPads
  • Parents and children will be asked periodically to evaluate the games and apps and make suggestions for additions and changes

Evaluation of the strategic plan

The Board of Trustees and staff members will meet annually to assess progress towards the goals and to refine goals and strategies as needed. Changes to the plan will be documented in Board minutes and sent to the Indiana State Library.

Financial Resources and Sustainability

The library will continue to annually increase the proposed budget by the state growth quotient to support the growing community and increase in services. Money from the Operating Fund will be transferred to LIRF and Rainy Day each year for future library improvements.

The library will apply for funding from other local, state, and federal sources as grant opportunities fit the goals of the library. The Community Foundation of Switzerland County and the Vevay Switzerland County Foundation have supported program and technology needs in the past, and the library will continue to apply for grants through these avenues. Local businesses will be asked to support the Summer Reading Program as they have in the past. When there are LSTA grants which can meet the needs of the library’s service population, the library will pursue those opportunities. The library may partner with other groups such as the Switzerland County Historical Society, the schools, the YMCA, Purdue Extension, Economic Development and others to seek funding for special collaborative activities.

Equipment Replacement Schedule


Item Replacement Date/Est. Cost Funding Source Evaluation-check when completed
Digital Telephone system-base and 4 handsets





Sharp-MX-M260 copier 2021-will probably need to replace coin-op machine as it may not be compatible with a new copier


$6000 for copy machine and coin-op

Rainy Day/Operating
HP Color Laser Jet (for printing from public computers)




Internet connectivity through CenturyLink If bandwidth rises above 75% increase fiber capacity to 50 Mbps. Estimated increase of $3000 per year after erate discount. Operating
Two Meraki radio units for wireless access 2021








Epson TM-VI receipt printer for circulation 2018


Operating/ Rainy Day


6 Windows 10 computers for public use 2022



MS 6000 MKII Reader/Printer for microfiche in genealogy 2021


Combination of grants, Operating, Rainy Day, Casino funds
HP 2025 Color Printer for staff use 2018


Operating and Rainy Day funds
Dell laptop for training 2019


1 OPAC computer for public use 2022


(cost to repurpose one of staff computers)

Casino Riverboat and/or Rainy Day funds
7 Windows 10 computers for staff use 2020 replace 3  $3000

2021-replace 4 $4000


Operating/Rainy Day/Casino Riverboat funds in combination
INSIGNIA flat screen TV used for training 2021


Grants, operating
Canon digital camera 2019


Windows server 2025

$5000.00 (includes equipment and installation)

Rainy Day/Operating/Casino Riverboat
3 Acer computers with children’s educational games Replace with iPad Airs

We already have the iPads and just need to find a way to secure them

$200 for locking mounts

HP LaserJet 1006 (Director’s Office) 2018




Professional Development Strategy

SCPL has developed a list of competencies that staff are expected to be able to master. This list will be updated annually as technology and service needs change. The list of competencies will be reviewed with staff at their annual evaluation and any other training needs will be discussed. This information will be used to create an individualized plan for professional development throughout the year. The library budget supports staff training and staff is encouraged to attend conferences, trainings and participate in webinars that enhance their skills.

Collaboration with Other Public Libraries and Community Partners

SCPL is part of the Evergreen Indiana Consortium and participates in the Statewide Reciprocal Borrowing system. We are a member of the Midwest Collaborative Library Services. SCPL will seek opportunities to collaborate with neighboring libraries to provide staff training and public programming.

SCPL has partnered with the Switzerland County School Corporation, County Government, the Purdue Extension Service, the YMCA, the Historic Hoosier Theater, business owners, and the Switzerland County Historical Society to share resources and to provide programming and will continue to do so. We will take advantage of opportunities to work with other agencies as they arise.

This plan will be available on the Switzerland County Public Library’s website and print copies will be made available upon request at no cost to persons living in the library’s service area.




Adopted by the Switzerland County Public Library Board of Trustees December 12, 2017.


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