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Policy for damage to materials

Damaged Material

Pursuant to the directions approved by the Board of Trustees, the Library Director shall administer the damaged material fee policy in accordance with the specific regulations outlined below:

The Switzerland County Public Library does not charge patrons for damage due to normal use.

NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR OR MINOR DAMAGE is to be expected as items circulate.  This includes:

Book falling from spine, loose spine, or loose pages

Frayed edges

Tears on spine channel

Occasional torn page

EXAMPLES OF MAJOR DAMAGE that requires withdrawal of materials:

Any markings in the text with crayon, ink, highlighter, or white out

Liquid damage or food stains

Swollen or mildewed materials

Pages burned, missing, or stuck together

Teeth marks

Cracked, broken, or chipped disc

Strong odors

Materials returned with extensive damage that makes them unusable will be charged to the patron’s account.  Damaged items that are paid for become the property of the library user.  Items not paid for and picked up within 30 days of notification of the damage will be discarded.

The following charges will be assessed for materials returned with missing or damaged items when full replacement charges may not apply:

BARCODE, GENRE, SPINE  LABEL                   $0.50 each

BOOK JACKET, DVD or Audio covers or cases $1.00 each

Cleaning of items beyond normal wear & tear    $0.25 each

Library items that are returned with parts missing will remain checked out to the patron until all the parts are returned.  Missing items not returned will follow Evergreen circulation policies and procedures.

Materials returned with bugs, other pests, and/or their residue will be quarantined.  Materials that cannot be cleaned will be disposed of and the patron will be charged for the cost of the materials and a processing fee. The patron’s account will be barred until proof of extermination can be acquired.

The owning library will determine the fines for damages or lost items borrowed through interlibrary loan or from another Evergreen library.

The Switzerland County Public Library assumes no liability whatsoever for equipment damage that could result from the use of borrowed audiovisual materials.

Charges for lost materials will follow Evergreen circulation policies and procedures.

Adopted this 12th day of July, 2016 by the Switzerland County Board of Trustees


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