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june 2017 minutes

The regular monthly meeting of the Switzerland County Public Library Board of Trustees was held Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 3:30 pm in the meeting room of the library. Attending were Wanda Benzing, Denise Crawford, Mary Jane Rogers, Bruce Williams, and Shannon Phipps.  Not attending were Allan Bear, Sharon Deck and Diana Johnson.

Crawford made a motion to approve the minutes of the May meeting, seconded by Benzing and passed. Reports of library activity and technology activity were shared. Circulation was higher than normal for May. Wireless printing is now available. Bank reconciliation statements and the receipt listing were reviewed.

Bills and claims were presented. Rogers made a motion to approve the claims, seconded by Crawford and passed.

Time for Public Comment

There were none.

Old Business

Patron surveys received so far for strategic planning were reviewed. In reading them over, there seems to be a lack of knowledge about services we already offer. Shannon asked Trustees for a photo and paragraph about why they serve on the Board for an Anniversary display.

The evaluation of the director has been completed and filed in her personnel file.

New Business

On June 6th, Shannon completed a webinar about the 2018 budget. There were no significant changes or legislation enacted that will affect 2018. The growth quotient will be available July 1st and is anticipated to be close to 3% again. We will begin budget planning at the July meeting.

The policy for Internet and Computer Use was reviewed. No changes were recommended and Benzing made a motion to approve the policy, seconded by Williams and passed. The Bylaws were reviewed which is required by State Standards every 3 years. Article II, Section 2 required a revision to the Indiana Code Citation. The Bylaws were adopted as revised on a motion by Benzing, seconded by Crawford.

The library will be closed July 4th for Independence Day. Trustees were encouraged to pick up the June/July calendar at the front desk as there are several events planned for the summer. The Annual Book Sale is June 15th-17th. We are planning a Solar Eclipse Viewing Party on August 21st. Phipps will be on leave June 23rd, 26th, and 29th.

There was discussion about scheduling the August meeting for the 9th since the 8th is the night before school starts and the elementary schools will be holding Open House at 4. Phipps will email members to see if that date works.

With no further business, Williams moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:30. Motion seconded by Benzing and passed.

Minutes recorded by Shannon Phipps.


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